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Provider of custom software development services
(mobile applications, web solutions, enterprise software)

it-ments is a company that creates mobile applications for small and medium-sized businesses, businesses, sports clubs, federations, charities and public organizations, publishes applications on Apple iOS, Google Android, Mobile Web and Web, as well as syncing with social networks such as as a facebook page of fans.

We will develop applications for your business that meet 97% of the application's functionality needs; the application is fully customized to your name, the subscription covers all needs, from secure hosting on our server to the license for the operating system and system updates.

On it-ments.com, you can easily update the application using the control panel, edit an already published application on iTunes, or Google Play stores.

  • Flexible development process. We adapt to your business processes, project management standards, environment or bring our best practices.
  • Transparency. You will get an estimate before the start of each development phase and detailed synchronization reports.
  • Quality assurance. Our quality assurance team will provide you with all the test plans, documents and specifications needed to reach 99%.

The team of experts. 115 developers are on board.

Product Features

Speed and customization.

Each user interface conforms to the e-merchant by customizing the home, category and product pages on the application dedicated to its activity. We strive to make the mobile application the fastest and most efficient in terms of functionality, navigation and user experience. it-ments designs your mobile application taking into account your preferences and needs.

Scalability and maintenance.

it-ments is initially responsible for designing and developing your customized mobile application before offering you the possibility to add other features to your application or keep it up to date according to new trends and needs. Your m-commerce mobile application is thus customizable, optimized and scalable. it-ments guarantees you a quality maintenance service.

Security of information.

The safety of mobile users is a major issue. it-ments holds all the devices to protect them: access control, identification, security and confidentiality, integrity, protection of user information, transfer and storage of data, connection with wearables, alerts in the event of a security breach. Everything has been designed to optimize the security of user information to navigate with confidence.


We'll help you embrace the mobile-first way of thinking in your business and make sure your IT environment can support any mobile device you choose. Integrating mobile solutions into your business processes will increase your productivity and help your people maximize their potential.

Mobile application development

Whatever your goals or needs, it-ments can offer you strategic advice or mobile application development services on different platforms: iPhone / iPad and Android.

Our iOS developer team has the expertise to design applications that meet the latest Apple standards.

Whatever device you use, our Android developer team ensures that your application works flawlessly on all Android devices.

our offer

Mobile Apps! We design well-thought-out applications based on our customers' requirements and build on our long-standing experience across multiple platforms. We will accompany you throughout the journey, from the initial idea to the delivery and maintenance of the application through the development phase and testing of the user interface.

Integration of mobile features! Enable your people to also use important business applications on their mobile device. We can create native mobile applications in almost all cases and have a strong experience integrating mobile functionality into RPG, IBM Notes and WinDev applications.

Mobile security! Nowadays, securing IT infrastructure and, by definition, mobile applications and devices is a real challenge for businesses. Thanks to our security department and our expertise in the field of endpoint security solutions, we can offer you complete security services for your mobile ecosystem: applications, devices and global strategy.

Your challenges

Being the leader in your market is an ongoing challenge.

To make every effort to succeed, companies must have state-of-the-art technology and a secure IT environment.

The most important thing is, of course, to be able to focus fully on their flagship business. As a result, it seems almost impossible to do so while managing more and more complex IT systems.

Custom Software Development

One of our major strengths is probably our expertise in developing highly customizable standard applications. However, some of our customers have needs that the standard features of our software do not cover. That's why we offer them our bespoke development services.

Our development services

Custom Software Development

Our teams can take care of the management of the whole project of development of a custom application, from initial analysis to project management, including development, testing and deployment. We also offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure successful implementation and optimal application evolution.

Mobile development

If you want to have a mobile application tailored to your business or want to integrate mobile functionality with existing applications, you're at the right place. Check out our mobile development services to find out about our different options.

Modernization of existing applications

Deprecated but still powerful applications can cause a lot of frustration and a somewhat outdated image of your business. But, if from a functional point of view, these applications are still fully satisfactory, there is no reason to change the platform: it is enough to bring them up to current standards by integrating the cloud, web and mobile functionalities. modernizing the user interface. We have a lot of experience with IBM Power i applications (AS / 400, iSeries) and can really add value in terms of modernization.

Software integration

Today, Web Services, APIs & Data Integration are key features of enterprise applications. Our teams are used to integrate software into third-party systems already used by companies.


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Business Light


  • We build, you maintain!
  • Design service included!
  • We publish it for you!



  • Develop a custom project!
  • Development of technical specifications (TOR)!
  • Interface and prototype development!
  • Development of an exchange protocol (API)!
  • Creating a storage server (Architecture + DB)!
  • Admin / Operator Panel (WEB)!
  • Create an application!
  • Testing!
  • Preparation of the instruction manual!
  • Hosting and support included!
  • We will publish your app!

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? Maybe the answer is below. For any other questions, we invite you to contact us.

  • A first meeting will help us understand your competitive objectives. A joint brainstorming session followed by the submission of models (animated or not). Then comes the development and testing phase. Deployment on the blinds will be the final step (yay!).

  • There is no "right" answer. If we are starting on a native development (specific to the platform) we will have to base ourselves on your customers and their characteristics to determine what to develop first (iOS or Android).

  • The creation time will be greatly impacted by the complexity of the application and by the choice of operating system (iOS, Android or both). Thus the duration can vary from 1 to 6 months.

  • We support you after launching the application by carrying out the necessary updates and modifications. We want to be your partner on this side and help you move forward together.


Provider of custom software development services (mobile applications, web solutions, enterprise software)

Paris, France, 47 Avenue de la Grande-Armée.

Minsk, Belarus, st. Nemiga, 5




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